Traditional industrial cleaning has a variety of cleaning methods, most of which are cleaning using chemical agents and mechanical methods. But Fiber laser cleaning has the characteristics of non-grinding, non-contact, non-thermal effect and suitable for various materials. It is considered to be the current reliable and effective solution.

The special high-power pulsed laser for laser cleaning has high average power (200-2000W), high single pulse energy, square or round homogenized spot output, convenient use and maintenance, etc. It is used in mold surface treatment, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding industry, petrochemical industry, etc. , Ideal choice for industrial applications such as rubber tire manufacturing.

Laser Cleaning system

High-power Pulsed Laser Advantage:

● High single pulse energy, high peak power

● High beam quality, high brightness and homogenized output spot

● High stable output, better consistency

● Lower pulse width, reducing heat accumulation effect during cleaning

 Application Advantage

1. Reduce the metal color


2. Lossless and efficient

Application-Advantage23. Economic and environmental protection



500W Plused Laser Cleaning

Dry Ice Cleaning

performance After cleaning, you can produce without waiting for the mold to heat up After cleaning, wait 1-2 hours for the mold to heat up
Energy consumption Electricity cost 5 yuan/hour Electricity cost 50 yuan/hour
Efficiency similar
Cost (cleaning price of each mold)  40-50 yuan 200-300 yuan
Comparison conclusion The laser cleaning equipment itself has no consumables, Low cost of use, Short equipment investment recovery period

Laser Cleaning Case Introduction

Application-Advantage4Application-Advantage5 Application-Advantage6Application Advantage7

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