From August 11th to 12th, 2022, CARMAN HAAS Laser Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd , as a gold sponsor, was invited to participate in the IFWMC2022 The 3rd China International Flat Wire Motor Summit held by Wangcai New Media in Huizhou, Guangdong province.

    The summit aimed at the application of “Flat Wire Motor” in the motor industry of new energy vehicles. As well as the peak power density requirements of the driving motor of new energy vehicles proposed in the “13th Five-Year Plan”, CARMAN HAAS Laser has launched the welding system with better better welding effect and faster welding beat of the production line, promoted the flat copper wire laser welding, and the domestic application of the cleaning system to solve the pain points of laser application of the customer’s production line.


Mr. Guo Yonghua of CARMAN HAAS Laser Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., as the guest host of laser branch, delivered a welcome speech!


Mr. Guo Yonghua, Deputy General Manager of CARMAN HAAS Laser Technology (Suzhou) Co.,LTD

    CARMAN HAAS flat copper wire motor project manager Mr. Gao Shuo to attend the summit, and the “CARMAN HAAS helps new energy customers to realize the automatic production of flat copper wire motor laser scanning welding”.  In view of the difficulties and demands encountered in the motor production process, the laser scanning welding system suitable for flat copper wire motors has been developed in order to improve production efficiency and welding quality. The advanced new energy laboratory provides process and equipment support for the development of customers’ new samples and the production of small batch samples.

    At this summit, in the communication with customers, the needs and difficulties of customers were further collected, which will promote the continuous development and technical update of CARMAN HAAS in the flat copper wire motor laser scanning system, and promote the flat copper wire laser welding. With the continuous development of technology, it has become the leader of domestic welding systems.



CARMAN HAAS flat copper wire motor project manager Mr. Gao Shuo

    Through in-depth technical discussions and exchanges with professionals in the industry, CARMAN HAAS will continue to promote the continuous development of automotive manufacturing technology and strive to become the world’s leading intelligent manufacturer of laser optical components and laser systems!

Post time: Aug-16-2022